Experience is not linear. It zigzags, leaps, regresses than spurts forward, tosses frays delays surprises. Narrative revises manifestation in countless iterations recounted since the Big Bang of birth-death-rebirth. Machinations of living breathing striving to make meaning from days and nights of existence. Morning provides for itself.

Breathe Free Press is a place for the essay in every imaginable, inventive form, cross-genre—flash—critical—experimental—travel in particular the lyric essay. 

Narratives are a metronome to mark time: This happened, it happened often and repeatedly with some variations on different backdrops. Most often it happened on the planet earth. Once and only once did it happened on the moon. Einstein’s space-time theory challenges our belief in the illusion of past, present, and future. The illusion, Jean Baudrillard cautions against in Simulacra and Simulation, is the normalization of empty signs of representation.

Breathe Free Press delights in essays testing patterns of perception. We appreciate attentiveness to language and cultural associations. Essays which transform and transgress metanarratives of authority and power structures. Essays to subvert imposed constraints of genre conventions.

Some man, at some time, dominates the human psyche with his emotional ignorance. It is almost as if fate colludes with tyrants to taunt our complacency into action.

Breathe Free Press challenges the normalization of regressive tropes of renascent authoritarian, illiberal, nationalist power threatening to reverse social gains. We publish essays that allude, intimate, insinuate, attempt, analyze, critique, express through compassion and awareness.

No weapon was ever lifted, no peace ever made, no society ever founded without words. Liberal and illiberal movements form on the page. Modernism repurposed and reinvented representation on the ashes of the material, human, spiritual devastation of two world wars.

Breathe Free Press is an online journal of literary resistance for essays that channel the spirit penned in dog-eared spiral notebooks, in smoky subterranean basements. Nietzsche and Buddha conscious narratives composed to the rhythm of protest that lit the fuse for epochal cultural change.



Breathe Free Press, a literary magazine of essaysim: Essays of resistance, imagination, and social awareness. The personal made global, and the global made personal.


Deborah Di Bari received her MFA from The City College of New York, CUNY. Born and raised in an immigrant Italia working-class in East Harlem. Her psychedelic drawings made with colored pencils led to her twenty-year career in FASHION in New York City’s Garment Center where she designed printed textiles and trendy fashion. Reading energized her imagination to become an artist. Her first creative writing course at NYU inspired her to become a writer. Her short stories have appeared in various journals.

Reading inspired her to be a visual artist. Her first creative writing course at NYU liberated her to move beyond class and gender to write. Her short stories have appeared in various journals.

The 2016 presidential election gave her writing a more pressing context for wider engagement: to make the personal global and the global personal.